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LOLA'S LOOKBOOK once a Boutique on Wheels is now a Boutique on Broadway!
Stop by our storefront location at 1133 A North Broadway in North Massapequa, NY!!! 

PLEASE NOTE WE WILL BE CLOSED ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 29th and FRIDAY, MAY 31st! We apologize for any inconvenience!
When shopping online we offer shipping and free in store pick up!



 We now offer PERMANENT JEWELRY at our boutique location in Massapequa!! This is jewelry without a clasp and is usually a bracelet or anklet. You can also personalize permanent jewelry or other styles of jewelry with us too! And we offer this jewelry as part of your private party experience with us as well! Please contact our boutique at least one week in advance to secure any personalized styles or if you have any questions.

Thursday, May 16th  4pm - 7pm  PSYCHIC NIGHT WITH KATHY DEMPSEY - mini readings for $30 Plus all who attend receive 10% OFF on their Lola's Lookbook styles too!  Call/Text Kathy at (516) 286-0147 to Book your Spot! 





Host a Private Boutique Shopping Party!

Life is about moments and getting together with friends is one of those super fun memorable moments. Why not gather your friends together for a boutique shopping party? Enjoy a few hours without interruptions where our boutique is open only for you & your guests to laugh, try on different styles, give each other advice on looks and current trends and just have fun. These social selling moments are super feel good lift each other up events that we all need as a break from the daily grind. You’re going to need clothes anyway so why not enjoy buying them in this fun social setting. And it is so easy to make this happen. You take care of a few details, and we do the rest! Let’s get started!

Step 1:  Choose the Date/Time of Your Event

Pick a date and time that you are confident will work best for you and your guests.  Private events are held outside of regular store hours such as evenings and days the store is closed (like a Sunday Brunch or Mondays are for Hairdressers/Hospitality).  Parties typically last 2-3 hours.  We typically book 1-2 months in advance, however if you are having a last minute get together and we have availability we would love to accommodate you!

Step 2:  Choose a Theme for Your Event!

Ladies Night Out:  You deserve time to get together with friends to chat, chill and do a little shopping!

Employer Give Back:  If you are an Employer and want to give back to your Employees for a job well done, what better way than to host a private shopping event for them and contribute towards their shopping event!  The Employer decides the dollar amount to contribute, and the Employees get that amount deducted from their purchase! It’s great for morale and camaraderie which is a win win for Employer and Employee!

Group Bonding:  Do you belong to a mom group, book club or yoga or gym class or any other kind of group and would like a new kind of bonding activity? What better way than to hang out and shop together?!

Birthday Party:  Throw your friend or yourself a birthday party! In lieu of gifts guests can go shopping for themselves to help the birthday girl earn some hostess rewards to treat herself on her birthday!

Bridal Party:  The bride to be can relax, unwind and enjoy some time shopping with her bridal party and closest female guests! She can use the hostess rewards to pick out an outfit for all of her upcoming bridal celebrations and honeymoon outfits!

Fundraiser:  Host a fundraiser for a special cause or charity and donate your hostess rewards to them. We will write a check to the organization/fundraiser. (Each fundraiser is unique so changes from this outline may be made based upon circumstances.)

Step 3:  Prepare a Guest List

Create a guest list of about 15-20 friends. This will ensure that you will have enough guests to hit your party minimum of $500 in sales whether in store or online. Be sure to only include the ones you know would be interested in attending and/or shopping.

If you have guests who want to shop but can’t make it to the party or live too far away to attend, no worries, they can shop your party on our website as well! All orders must be submitted by the end of the live event in order to issue the proper amount of hostess credit.

Step 4:  Invite your Guests!

We will create a graphic invitation for you! You can text, email and/or post in a Facebook Group/Event for your invitees only. You decide on the best method to invite each guest and make sure to follow up with each guest personally via text or phone call to confirm they will be coming or answer any questions.

Step 5:  Attend the PARTY!

We will set up an area with a non alcoholic drink and a sweet treat for you and your guests. We provide all paper goods. You are welcome to bring any additional drink, snack and/or décor, just please let us know in advance so we can prepare for it.

If you have guests that can't shop in person, they can shop on our website and mention your event in the notes section of their order so you receive credit for their purchase. They can have their orders shipped or pick up in store. Any online orders towards your party MUST be submitted before the close of the event for the host to receive credit. We will be available throughout your party to assist with any questions your guests may have and help them find their perfect styles.

Please note that no coupons or gift certificates will be accepted at these events and some other exceptions may apply.

Step 6:  Enjoy Yourself while YOU Earn Host Rewards!

Hosts earn a percentage off their order based on total party sales so every item that your friends purchase at your event increases the amount of host rewards you earn for yourself or to put towards a fundraiser! If the host is redeeming store credit for herself, we do suggest she wait until the end of the party to place an order so that all rewards are finalized and tallied towards her purchase. Rewards must be redeemed the day of the party and cannot be carried over.

Here are the Host Rewards breakdown:

Minimum of $500 in sales required for Host Rewards to issue.

$500 - $1500 in sales earns 15% of sales in store credit (or donation)

$1,501+ in sales earns 20% of sales in store credit (or donation)

*** Plus receive $25 in store credit for every guest that books a future party.  You will receive the $25 credit at that future party which must meet the $500 party minimum to apply.

That’s it!! Simple easy peasy and most of all FUN! We cannot wait to PARTY with YOU!  Contact us at (516) 993-5660 or to secure your party date!

Private Appointments

We conduct Private Shopping Appointments at our boutique storefront in Massapequa with no minimum to buy! These are held when the store is not open to the public.

How do I book a date?  Call or text 516-993-5660 or Email

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